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Universal Beams

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Depth x WidthKg/m
100 x 55 mmMatrix Dot                                   
127 x 76 mm Matrix Dot                                  
152 x 89 mm  Matrix Dot                                 
178 x 102 mm   Matrix Dot                                
203 x 102 mm     Matrix Dot                              
203 x 133 mm      Matrix Dot Matrix Dot                           
254 x 102 mm    Matrix Dot Matrix DotMatrix Dot                            
254 x 146 mm         Matrix Dot Matrix Dot   Matrix Dot                    
305 x 102 mm      Matrix DotMatrix Dot  Matrix Dot                         
305 x 127 mm           Matrix Dot  Matrix Dot   Matrix Dot                 
305 x 165 mm             Matrix Dot   Matrix Dot   Matrix Dot              
356 x 127 mm          Matrix Dot Matrix Dot                       
356 x 171 mm                Matrix Dot  Matrix Dot  Matrix Dot Matrix Dot           
406 x 140 mm            Matrix Dot    Matrix Dot                  
406 x 178 mm                     Matrix Dot Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot          
457 x 152 mm                    Matrix Dot  Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot         
457 x 191 mm                        Matrix DotMatrix DotMatrix DotMatrix Dot Matrix Dot      
533 x 210 mm                          Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix DotMatrix Dot Matrix Dot  
610 x 229 mm                              Matrix Dot Matrix Dot Matrix DotMatrix Dot
Universal Beams (UB), also known as Lintels, Girders, Rolled Steel Joists (RSJ's), I Beams, H Beams, I Sections, H Sections in stock for next day delivery.

Buy standard stock or cut your material to length online for low trade prices, select the size and length Universal Beam you require using the dimension table. Shotblasting and Priming is also available.

ParkerSteel - Steel Stockholders, supplies a huge range of structural heavy section to the construction industry and DIY market across the South of England.