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Black Rolled Bar Metric

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Colour BS EN 10277:1999 BS 970:1991 BS970:1955
Green 1.0715 11SMn30 230M07 EN 1A Freecutting
Blue/Red 1.0402/1.1151 C22/C22E 070M20 EN 3B
Yellow 1.0511/1.1186 C40/C40E 080M40 EN 8
Yellow/White 1.7225 42CrMo4 708M40T EN 19T
Brown 1.6582 34CrNiMo6 817M40T EN 24T
Brown/Green 1.6582 34CrNiMo6 817M40 Annealed EN 24 Annealed
Red/White 1.5752 15NiCr13 655M13 EN 36
Black/Yellow - - 665M17 EN 34
Purple/Yellow - - AISI/SAE8620* EN 362
Purple/White 1.3505 100Cr6 535A99* EN 31 (Nearest Standard)

*Not to BS 970

Size mmStandard
Blue Red
Yellow White
Brown Green
Red White
Black Yellow
Purple Yello
Purple White
25 mm          
35 mm          
38 mm          
45 mm          
46 mm          
50 mm  Matrix Dot       
55 mm          
60 mm          
65 mm          
70 mm    Matrix Dot     
75 mm          
80 mm          
85 mm    Matrix Dot     
90 mm    Matrix Dot     
95 mm          
100 mm          
105 mm    Matrix Dot     
110 mm Matrix DotMatrix Dot Matrix Dot     
115 mm Matrix DotMatrix Dot       
120 mm Matrix DotMatrix Dot Matrix Dot     
125 mm Matrix Dot        
130 mm          
135 mm Matrix Dot        
140 mm  Matrix Dot       
145 mm          
150 mm    Matrix Dot     
155 mm          
160 mm    Matrix Dot     
165 mm          
170 mm Matrix Dot        
175 mm          
180 mm          
190 mm          
200 mm Matrix DotMatrix Dot Matrix Dot     
210 mm          
220 mm    Matrix Dot     
230 mm          
240 mm Matrix Dot        
250 mm          
260 mm          
270 mm          
280 mm          
290 mm          
300 mm          
305 mm          
310 mm          
320 mm          
330 mm          
Blue Red
Yellow White
Brown Green
Red White
Black Yellow
Purple Yello
Purple White
Black Rolled Bar Metric (BRM), also known as Black Round Bar, Black Carbon Round, Round Black Alloy in stock for next day delivery. Buy standard stock or cut your material to length online for low trade prices, select the size and length Black Rolled Bar Metric you require using the dimension table. ParkerSteel - Steel Stockholders, supplies a huge range of Bright and Engineering Steels to the construction industry across the South of England.