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Aluminium Sheet and Plate

Sheet & Plate

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NB. Sizes in specifications 5083 and 6082-T6 are also available upon request

Al99,5 Al99,5 AlMn1 AlMg2 Almg4
EN AW-1050-H14 EN AW-1050-H14 Plastic Coated EN AW-3103-H14 EN AW-5251-H22 EN AW-5083-HO
S1B-H14S1B-H14 PVC1NS3-H14NS4-H22NP8-HO
0.6 mmMatrix Dot    
0.8 mm     
1.0 mmMatrix Dot    
1.2 mmMatrix DotMatrix Dot   
1.5 mmMatrix DotMatrix Dot   
2.0 mmMatrix DotMatrix Dot   
2.5 mmMatrix Dot    
3.0 mmMatrix DotMatrix Dot   
4.0 mm   Matrix Dot 
5.0 mmMatrix Dot    
6.0 mmMatrix Dot    
8.0 mm    Matrix Dot
10.0mm    Matrix Dot
12.0mm    Matrix Dot
15.0mm    Matrix Dot
20.0mm    Matrix Dot
25.0mm    Matrix Dot
 S1B-H14S1B-H14 PVC1NS3-H14NS4-H22NP8-HO
Parker Steel aluminium sheet is a highly versatile material suitable for many applications such. Our premium aluminium sheet is light but durable, making it both an essential and desirable material for manufacturing. Benefits include recyclability, durability and malleability. Sheet can be purchased in thicknesses ranging from as little as 0.6mm to a slightly thicker 30mm. Cut your sheet to size online or buy standard stock directly from us. Select Sheet & Plate you require using the dimension table. Sheet & Plate (AP), also known as Aluminium Sheet, Aluminium Plate in stock for next day delivery. ParkerSteel - Steel Stockholders, supplies a huge range of Aluminium to the construction industry across the South of England.