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Steel Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting machines use high powered, computer operated lasers along with nitrogen, oxygen or compressed air to slice through a variety of metals. Carbon dioxide laser cutting is also used to engrave metals. Laser cutting machines are multipurpose and can undertake a wide variety of metalwork jobs.

Laser vs. Plasma - The Benefits

Both laser and plasma cutting services offer their own unique advantages based on variables such as timeframes, job specifications and more.

Benefits of Laser cutting

  • High precision
  • CAD/CAM integration
  • High tolerance
  • High quality part replication
  • Ability to perform intricate cutting tasks
  • Low distortion

Benefits of Plasma cutting

  • Small Kerf
  • CAD/CAM integration
  • High quality finish
  • High quality part replication
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduced lead times

So, which cutting process is better? That depends on your needs. Plasma cutting is a smart choice for anyone working throughout the construction industry. Laser cutting is also primarily sought after in construction but can also be beneficial in other industries too, where more intricate metalwork is required.

Find the right laser or plasma cutting service for your needs with Parker Steel.

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