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Tube Laser


The TruLaser Tube 3000 is the machine for fully automated processing of tubes and profiles with maximum flexibility. Whether you're adding complex contours and notches on the tubes, working with light, thin-walled tubes or with large, heavy ones; or with tubes that have square, round, or oval cross-cuts, the machines strengths are obvious.

Reduced Costs
Processing tube in a single pass means a 7.7 metre tube can be cut to length, have holes cut in it, mitre cuts, slots, tabs and part numbers etched - without the need for multiple machines.
Faster Processing
Processing time can be up to 90% faster on tube laser compared to conventional methods (sawing, scribing, drilling, milling and punching)
Cost Efficient
Medium and large quantity runs can be completed far more efficiently.


Tube Laser Dimensions Max Power: 2700W
Max Tube Diameter: 150mm
Min Tube Diameter: 20mm
Max Length of Finished Parts: 6.5m
General Cutting Tolerance: ±0.3mm
Maximum Wall Thickness
Aluminium: 4.0mm
Stainless Steel: 5.0mm
Mild Steel: 6.4mm

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