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Water Jet Cutting Detailed Village Sign

Posted 30/11/2017 After many years of wanting a customised sign to represent the entrance to the village, the Lindsell Village Hall Commit...

Laser Cut Steel Balconies

Posted 30/11/2017 Projecting balconies with galv subframe and powder coated rail with laser cut infill panel for Hills Partnership at thei...

Steel Frame Building Construction

Posted 30/11/2017 Construction of a custom designed steel portal framed building on local foundation pads, with ring beam supports to grou...

Bear Grylls Steel Fitness Apparatus

Posted 30/11/2017 RDW Scenery Construction's brief from Oxygen Free Jumping was to deliver a cost effective steel frame together with asso...

Intricate Steel Frame Construction

Posted 30/11/2017 The project consists of multiple steel frame buildings with two steel framed feature buildings.

Laser Cutting vs Plasma Cutting

Posted 30/11/2017 Explaining the differences between laser cutting and plasma cutting in metal processing.

Packers for Railways

Posted 27/11/2017 Premium steel railway packers from one of the countries leading steel experts. ParkerSteel work with customers to delive...

Structural Steel Frames

Posted 22/11/2017 This project required a huge amount of structural steel to be delivered in carefully planned phases. All the steel nee...
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