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A Fleet for the Future

Going Green

We are always looking for ways to improve efficiencies and quality of service whilst being friendlier to the environment. Our investment in a new fleet of 6 Iveco 7.2 Daily vehicles will provide faster delivery times plus help with your carbon footprint. With the latest spec, Euro 6 engines, these vehicles produce over double the miles per gallon, resulting in a far more fuel efficient delivery service. Couple this with the fact that they can reach housing estates and smaller business units with limited access, in a more direct route, a significant saving on time, miles and emissions can be achieved. Suited to smaller loads, of up to 4 tonnes, the vehicles have a quicker loading/offloading turnaround time, allowing us to offer multiple delivery services in one day.


Reaching More

Being smaller vehicles takes away the limitations and restrictions of delivering to areas classed as hard to reach.


Easier Offloading

Smaller loads means less obstructions from undelivered items whilst offloading and therefore will speed up the whole transition.


Flexible Delivery Options

Multiple deliveries per day allows for more responsive delivery times.


Adding to the Fleet

10% of our deliveries will be made using these new fuel efficient vehicles. With a larger fleet than ever before you can get your delivery even quicker.


Better for the Environment

Smaller vehicles with optimised loads and routes will reduce the emissions and carbon footprint caused by deliveries.

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