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Case Study: B&E Erection Services

The Project

SIVA plastics warehouse Southampton. This warehouse was huge and required a huge variety of structural steel stock and processed material.

Regular Supply

We use ParkerSteel on a weekly, if not daily basis. They offer the best services around for structural steel and other steel material including stainless.

Fast Efficient Processing

The processing side of the company is very fast and efficient. As a company we do not like using anyone else especially for processed steels and sections.

Service And Sales Satisfaction

You cannot beat them on price, service and speed of delivery from when the order is placed to when it arrives. We believe a lot of that is down to the senior sales developer David Skeels and his team around him. They are all a very friendly and helpful team. David and his team very often go out of their way to make sure we have our order on time even if it means organizing weekend deliveries by other haulage companies.


Final Say

We will continue to use ParkerSteel for all of our steel needs especially if David Skeels is our main contact at the company. We recommend Parkers very highly to anybody.

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