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What is the Document Store?

The Document Store is our paperless filing system that allows you to keep track of all your orders and any paperwork related to them. Access the information on the go, anywhere. It is all stored digitally, so whether you are in the office or on site you can keep track of all your orders.

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Access your invoices to help with your accounts.

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Test Certs

Instant access to test certs for all online orders.

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Delivery Notes

Keep track of where and when all your steel was delivered.

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My Parts & Lists

Create unique parts and lists to help speed up repeat ordering.

How to Access the Document Store

To gain access to the Document Store, simply register online. If you already have a business account (offline) or other web users, you will still be able to link the account to your new online user profile so you and your other employees can all share the same Document Store and keep track of all your ParkerSteel records. Once registered an logged in click on [Name]'s ParkerSteel in the top navigation. From here, select the My Documents, Parts and Lists tile button at the top of the page. This will display a list of your orders and documents which you can browse using various filters. Expand any of the particular orders to see all the downloadable or emailable assets.

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