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The History Of Steel

The beginning of steel can be traced back to times as early as 4000 years ago – the Iron age. Proving to be the hardest, strongest and most dependable, steel quickly became the best option for tool making and essential weaponry. From the early Roman empires and Chinese dynasties, to modern day usage, the dependence on steel is ever evolving. In fact, 75 percent of all major appliances are now comprised of steel. With steel being roughly 1000x stronger than iron in its purest form, it has not only taken over the construction and infrastructure sectors but transport and consumer goods too. The first signs of mass-production, the crucible technique, the Bessemer process and stainless steel invention can all be dated back. Have a read of its brief history!


Over 100 years later & the Parker history continues...

Our history may not have begun in 13th Century BC but we're certainly not behind! - We are the future of the steel industry. Starting in 1904, founder John Parker opened his own shop, selling tools and goods to the trade. Realising potential, he began stockholding the iron for the local farming community. Post-war, Jack (John’s second son) took over the business and with the construction and shortage of steel in 1950 the company’s workload was ever increasing. From then we’ve seen relocations, continued expansion and major arrivals such as “Big Betsy”. Much development has happened in the last 100 years for us and we will continue to deliver the John Parker & Son promise - 'continuously diversifying, expanding, developing and improving our services to meet the needs and expectations of all our valued customers'.

Click here to view the Parker history timeline!
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