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Case Study: Masterhitch

The Project

Removal of an old concrete jetty as part of the Dover Western Docks Revival Project.

Frame Needed

Our customer needed huge steel frames to fit over the reinforced concrete legs. An additional steel mast was also required to house the saw unit that would be used to cut the jetty.

Sounded Simple

Sounded like a simple job until the dimensions came in, the frame needed to be 3.7m x 9.7m to give clearance around the concrete leg.

Processed Steel Supplied

To complete the frame and mast we needed a vast amount of universal columns. All the steel needed to be sawn to length with pre-drilled holes ready for bolting the sections together.

The Cutting Began

The frames were positioned over the concrete legs and the cutting began. Once the cut was completed the frames were lifted off and positioned back on the quayside. The large floating crane was then positioned and the blocks of concrete were lifted off and moved to an area on the quayside to be broken up.


Job Done

Once all of the cuts had been made and the steel frames finished with they were to be cut up for scrap.

First Rate Service

The material and services provided by ParkerSteel were first rate. All of the columns bolted together and matched up with the parts Masterhitch had profiled and fabricated in house.

Final Say

Yes we would use ParkerSteel’s services again, our contact was helpful and informed us clearly of delivery times and stock levels to cover the job.

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