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Steel Railway Packers

Premium railway packers from one of the country’s leading steel experts.

At ParkerSteel we work with customers to deliver high quality steel railway packers that meets all of today’s modern concerns. From track wear and tear to corrosion, we can find a solution that maximises the life of your railway, whilst keeping safety a priority. We provide premium grade steel for railways that meets the standards you’d expect from such a diverse and longstanding company.

Get in touch with ParkerSteel today for high-quality, heavy duty steel railway packers.

Solving your Rail Issues


Our highly experienced team are on hand to help solve your railway conundrums, no matter how big or small. At ParkerSteel, we understand the everyday difficulties the rail industry faces trying to keep their tracks safe and secure. That’s why we’ve put our heads together to create quality steel products that will stand up to the dynamic stress your tracks will face every single day.


Not only do we produce and process a variety of steel fitting for railways, we also offer rail companies many other forms of mild and structural steel to accompany supporting rail construction jobs. Pair this with our range of processing services such as waterjet cutting, laser cutting, shotblasting and HD plasma cutting and you’ve got a fully comprehensive service

Quality Matters

We take care in what we do, which is why our steel for railways is nothing short of perfect. With over 100 years in the steel industry, Parker Steel has come to understand the unique needs of clients in a number of industries.

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