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Case Study: Solo Pro Football Equipment

The Project

I am a football coach and I wanted to design a training aid for young players when they were practicing on their own. I needed structural, lightweight and cost effective material to produce a collapsible frame to then put netting around. As this was a prototype, I needed to keep costs down to a minimum whilst establishing a design that worked.

The Process

After perfecting my design, I consulted the expert team at ParkerSteel to discuss the cutting options that where available. They gave me an economical, high quality solution to cut the bars and reduce waste and fabrication time at my end.

Cost Saving

Due to the cost saving solutions offered by ParkerSteel, I will be able to increase the amount of training aids I can produce, enabling me to meet the demand of my clients.

The Future

I will also be taking advantage of their innovative online system where a kit of parts can be loaded and accessed at my convenience, with contracted prices agreed so I know how much things will cost.

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