Versadrive Straight Shank Countersink

Versadrive Straight Shank
Versadrive Straight Shank
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  • Versadrive features a Fast, Efficient Countersinking & Deburring 90 Degree point angle for Countersunk Bolt Heads
  • Safe for use with minimal kickback
  • specially hardened for impact wrench use
  • High accuracy & long life- High-Grade Tool Steel with ground flutes
  • GoldMax low friction Titanium Coating to stop heat burn out
  • Highly accurate ground twist drills creates the perfect tapping hole
  • High Strength, Non-slip shank design
  • Unique design fits in all drill chucks & quickly adapts for impact wrench or magnet drill use
  • Avaialble in different sizes and models: 6.3mm M3, 8.3mm M4, 10.4mm M5, 12.4mm M6, 16.5mm M8, 20.5mm M10, 25mm M12, 31mm M16
  • VERSADRIVE is the only range of cutting tools optimised for cordless power tools as well as workshop equipment
  • Creating or modifying the connection holes that hold together metal components brings along some special challenges HMTs unique cutting tools, combined with expert advice, bring solutions to keep the job moving and speed up the process
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