CNC Cutting

Take advantage of ParkerSteel’s state of the art machines and reap the benefits of CNC cutting.

Our state of the art processing machines take advantage of CNC cutting to give you a professional and precise finish on all of your metal. At ParkerSteel, we offer a wide range of processing services, many of which use a CNC router to produce high quality shapes and profiles. Whether you need steel channels for construction or sheet metal for general fabrications, our CNC cutting services makes machining easy.

Machining you can Trust

Our team have many years experience and knowledge in the metalworking industry. We know a thing or two about metal processing and have tackled a variety of projects, from one off tasks to extreme, large scale jobs. We now own over 30 different machines, making our services some of the biggest and best in the business. Despite our growth, we still believe each job is as important as the next and are happy to take on any metal processing project, regardless of complexity.

What is CNC Cutting?

CNC is short for computer numerical control and CNC cutting is a process by which a computer controlled cutting machine is used to cut and shape steel at a rapid rate. This mechanism, which is often referred to as a CNC router, can manipulate metal at a consistent rate, significantly reducing the number of hours it takes to process large volumes of metal. CNC cutting routers are able to recreate the effects of many machines, meaning that one device can be used for multiple processes. Our CNC cutting technology ensures we can produce both one-off pieces and repeat parts at the same speed and effectiveness. This makes CNC a good choice whatever the calibre of your project.

Why Choose CNC Cutting?


CNC cutting holds a number of benefits that can improve the quality of your cut steel, as well as lead times and price.

• Continual loading

New items can be prepped and loaded onto the machine whilst others are being processed.

• Fast processing

CNC cutting allows you to process metal around 5 times faster than traditional torch cutting.

• Minimal errors

As CNC cutting is a computer based process, it eliminates practically all errors. This is better for us and better for you.

• Waste reduction

The precision of CNC cutting also means that there is minimal metal waste. This also lowers costs and improves the quality of each profile.


From plasma cutting to CNC controlled drilling, we have a number of modern processing machines highly suited to any business that’s looking for a higher standard of metalwork.