Non-Ferrous Plasma Cutting


Enjoy a cost effective, high quality non-ferrous plasma cutting service

Plasma cutting is the fastest and easiest way to cut stainless steel with minimal errors. Choose plasma cutting and you can reduce the cost of your materials thanks to a faster cutting time and more precise profiling. With full CAD/CAM integration, our steel plasma cutting service is ideal for Fabricators and the Construction Industry. Are you ready to improve the quality of your products?

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Innovative steel plasma cutting service

Using a high velocity jet of ionized gas, the Espirit Viper plasma machine utilises high temperatures to melt away stainless steel, whilst simultaneously blowing away the heated metal to leave a smooth, high quality finish. The Espirit viper makes use of precise and continuous CNC (computer numerical control) cutting, allowing new jobs to be prepared and loaded onto the machine whilst others are finishing. This uninterrupted work stream speeds up the process of cutting and shaping steel, ensuring your product is delivered on time. With plasma cutting, our fitting service lead times are around 2-3 days – much faster than many of our competitors. Metal plasma cutting machines also perform much better when dealing with non-linear shapes when compared with oxyfuel cutting and unlike oxyfuel, plasma machines can be safely used on a range of different metal types.

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Latest Technology

The latest plasma cutting machines benefit from Hypertherm’s patented SureCut™ & TrueHole® technology, providing you with a higher quality steel product that’s ideal for use throughout the construction industry.

Specs which are hard to ignore

• Cut mild steel with up to 80mm thickness. • Impressive -/+2mm accuracy and tolerance • 14,800mm max length • 3,100mm max width • 80mm max thickness. • 9,500 x 5,000mm cutting area.






Why plasma cutting?


High speed cutting

A CNC plasma cutting service is around 5 times faster than traditional torch cutting.



Unlike other methods, steel plasma cutting can be used on a variety of metals including stainless steel and aluminium.


Cost effective

A steel plasma cutting service is less costly to run than other cutting methods such as water jet or laser. This means the savings are passed on to you.



The precise plasma jet offers a smoother, more defined finish that’s clearly a cut above the rest.


Increased capacity

The Espirit Viper Plasma cutter can produce around 75 tonnes of cut fittings in just one working day.



Metal plasma cutting machines are fully integrated CAD/CAM systems. Parts are cut from your drawings to reduce the risk of costly errors.