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Convenient Steel Countersinking


Here at ParkerSteel, we are proud to offer the complete plate processing solution using our Vernet Machines. The Vernet is a drilling, milling & countersinking system with cutting & bevelling capabilities that produces flat metal parts in one set-up on one machine with the same or better accuracy than separate cutting & machining centres.

Benefits of Countersinking


• A tapered hole that can be fitted with a rivet, bolt or any other fasteners. • Produces similar results to a typical screw opening. • Cost effective • Time saving solution for a range of project requirements.


• Smoother finish on fabricated steelwork, • Improving the overall appearance of the goods. • Reduces the sharpness of the objects.


Durbar Plate countersinking is particularly popular here at ParkerSteel due to the convenience it offers.

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Fast Processing

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Cost Effective

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A Better Finish

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Accurate Repetition

Technical Specification


• Plasma: 5mm - 30mm • Profile: 20mm - 80mm • Max. Plate Width: 2,500mm • Max. Plate Length: 12m • Max. Drilled Hole Dia: 32mm • Max. Plate Thickness: 80mm • Dimensional Tolerances: +/-2mm • Positional Tolerances: +/-0.1mm


• Plate Cutting: 5-80mm thick • Drilling: 6-32mm dia • Helical Milling: 240mm dia • Helical Tapping: 240mm dia • Countersinking: 6-32mm dia • Counterboring: 240mm dia • Tap: M14 - M40 • Scribing: 12 characters