ParkerSteel Drilling


High quality drilling solution

If you want a high quality drilling solution then our advanced machines are the solution. Drilling is available on both the horizontal and vertical plane of long products in one pass. Whilst holes are being tapped, milled or countersunk. Material can also be cut/mitre cut to length as part of the same process. This intergration of processes reduces overall costs and leadtimes to delivery.

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Tecnical specification

FLATS Hole Diameter: 6mm - 40mm Material Length: 1500mm (infeed) - 18000mm (infeed) ANGLES Hole Diameter: 6mm - 50mm Max Height: 600mm Width: 80mm - 300mm (Minimum vice width: 80mm)

STRUCTURAL SECTIONS Hole Diameter: 6mm - 50mm Height: 6mm - 600mm Width: 80mm - 1220mm HOLLOW SECTIONS Hole Diameter: 6mm - 50mm Height: 40mm - 600mm Width: 80mm - 1220mm


Technical specifications

Capacity: 2000 x 1000mm Min. Thickness: 5mm Max. Thickness: 60mm Disc marking unit: 25 characters Drilling unit: Yes

Max. Drilling Dia: 50mm V-scoring fast scribing: Yes Deburring: Yes Max. Plate weight: 650kg

Treadplate countersinking

Our versatility allows us to offer a full service facility, outperforming others whilst providing unique advantages such as countersinking durbar plates.


Processing and stock

We have over 40,000 tonnes of steel in stock. Our combination of processing and stock means we can provide an industry leading service.

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ParkerSteel has the biggest saw and drill capacity in the UK



All our machines work 24/7 to ensure we can always meet your needs



All our machines are computer controlled with a general tolerance of +/-2mm


Cost effective

Here at ParkerSteel we always provide highly competitive prices for all our products and services

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