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Non-Slip Steel Surfaces

Durbars surface is safe, non-slip and easy to clean. Its distinctive raised area also provides excellent self-drainage and reduces corrosion. Choose from a variety of thicknesses and customise your plate using our online tool. Here at ParkerSteel, we are proud to offer the complete plate processing solution using our Vernet Machines. The Vernet is a drilling, milling & countersinking system with cutting & bevelling capabilities that produces flat metal parts in one set-up, on one machine, with the same or better accuracy than separate cutting & machining centres. Similar systems have been available before, but they have been large, expensive & with limited flexibility. The Vernet has much more flexible machining and marking facilities. Together with higher accuracy, a more compact footprint and lower costs, the machine can produce parts much more economically than older methods of countersinking, milling and tapping alternatives.

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Durbar Floor Plate

Durbar floor plate is a form of highly versatile steel flooring favoured by a range of industries including food production and construction, and are a popular choice due to their many benefits.

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Aluminium Treadplate

Our Aluminium tread plate, also known as 5 bar tread plate and Aluminium five bar, is an essential product typically used as flooring in industrial buildings and in certain vehicles.

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Durbar Plate countersinking is particularly popular with our customers at ParkerSteel due to the convenience it offers. Countersinking offers a cost effective and time saving solution for a range of project requirements.

Benefits of Countersinking Durbar

Countersinking has a range of benefits such as allowing for a smoother finish on fabricated steelwork, improving the overall appearance of the goods. Countersinking also reduces the sharpness of the objects. • A tapered hole that can be fitted with a rivet, bolt or any other fasteners. • Produces similar results to a typical screw opening. • Cost effective. • Time saving solution for a range of project requirements. • Smoother finish on fabricated steelwork. • Improving the overall appearance of the goods. • Reduces the sharpness of the objects. • Each fixing to be assembled and positioned in a few minutes on site, using just hand tools.

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