Galvanised Steel


Effective Galvanised Steel Sheet for Outdoor Jobs and Projects

ParkerSteel’s galvanised steel sheet is suitable for all outdoor construction projects from furniture and balconies to industrial buildings and walkways. Our steel meets industry standards and can be purchased as standard stock or cut and manipulated to your exact needs. Our state of the art processing services can prepare your galvanised steel for use on a range of projects.


Steel You Can Trust

Our steel experts have decades of industry experience between them and know the ins and outs of every steel product on the market. We look towards the newest, most innovative steel processing services and are fully CE certified with a number of industry standard accreditations. Our team have many years experience and knowledge of the steel industry. We’ve worked with all kinds of businesses from the transport and shipping industries to those in the utilities and agriculture sectors. During this time, we’ve come to understand the unique challenges every industry can face whilst undertaking a new project, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive steel selection that ticks every box. Both our steel and our processing services are fully CE certified and meet the British Standards you’d expect from one of the UK’s leading steel companies. So whether you’re undertaking a project here or another area within Europe, you can be certain that your steel meets the legal safety requirements necessary.


Galvanised Sheet

Available in a thickness of 0.60mm to 3.00mm and in a range of sizes.


Galvanised Zinc Fixings

Including countersunk screws, head cap screws, screw inserts and more.


Welded Wire Roll

Find many popular imported brands available in a range of sizes.


Why Choose Galvanised Steel?

Galvanised steel has a number of impressive benefits that keep our clients coming back time and time again and is highly suited to outdoor use where corrosion is a problem. Our galvanised steel is put through a ‘galvanisation’ process to strengthen your metal and protect it from rusting. The metal undergoes a strict hot-dipping procedure, where it’s coated in zinc, to ensure it is highly suitable for outdoor use. This process increases the strength and longevity of your steel significantly. This impressive zinc coating protects your steel from some of the harshest natural and man-made disturbances. Thanks to the submerging coating process, you can enjoy protection from rust and corrosive chemicals when you choose galvanised steel, even in hard to reach areas. We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality steel on the market and work hard to ensure our materials go above and beyond what is required of them. When it comes to our galvanised steel, this is no different. We offer a range of galvanised products, manufactured with your outdoor projects in mind. Our galvanised sheet, plate and weldmesh are a highly popular and well used product in a number of industries thanks to their numerous benefits. Just some of these include: • Agriculture • Architecture • Automotive • General manufacturing • Energy • Plus many more


Benefits of Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel has an incredible range of benefits for projects ranging from the very small, to the impressively large.


Tough Coating

The zinc coating applied during the galvanisation process offers a unique structure that protects your steel from extreme outdoor environments.


A Sacrificial Anode

When submerged in liquid or buried underground, the galvanisation process protects your steel from harm. Even if the zinc coating is scratched away in areas, the remaining surrounding coating will protect the exposed steel.


Impressive Longevity

Galvanised still can last for over 50 years in rural areas and on average, 20-25 years in harsher environments such as coastal towns and urban cities.


Long Term Investment

Even when galvanised steel is more expensive upfront (it often isn’t), the sheer longevity of the product makes it a far cheaper alternative to other materials.


Galvanised steel is an incredibly popular material in today’s industries and provides an essential service for many businesses that need cost-effective steel which stands the test of time.


Quality Steel & So Much More

Alongside our high quality products, there are a number of benefits to working with Parker Steel for your next project.


A Comprehensive Service

Enjoy both a wide variety of galvanised steel products as well as our in house processing services all under one roof. Our ParkerSteel experts are also here to offer you help and advice throughout your project if you should need it.


Quality Guarantee

Enjoy our ParkerSteel guarantee and be safe in the knowledge that all of our steel has been tried, tested and certified. We’re proud of our premium quality steel and work hard to ensure every product is safe and durable.


Parker Rewards

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