Mild Steel

Why Choosing Premium Mild Steel Profiles Can Improve Your Projects

At ParkerSteel, we have mild steel profile and plate for all your essential construction projects. With fast lead times and competitive prices, our industry standard steel is a sensible choice for any business looking for a weldable and ductile metal. Need an all in one steel solution? Purchase and process your mild steel with our state of the art service.

Why ParkerSteel?

Our team have many years experience and knowledge in the steel industry, we’re experts in all things steel. • We’re CE certified & ISO 9001:2008 accredited and have a range of standards and CE marking, all of which are available to view online. • We can work alongside you to create bespoke profiles using our processing services. • We offer some of the fastest lead times in the industry both for processing and straight to site delivery. • We stock around 40,000 tonnes of steel at our warehouse, suitable for a range of projects. • We work with a variety of notable industry experts and businesses.

Mild Steel You Can Rely On

Premium mild steel typically has a carbon content of 0.05% to 0.25% and is a popular choice for projects that require ductile and malleable steel, rather than a stiffer metal with less machinability. Businesses choose our mild steel for a range of jobs including some railway tracks, construction tools and industrial buildings. With thousands of tonnes of steel on-site and ready for next day delivery, your business can order and receive the mild steel profile or plate that it needs in next to no time. Choose from pre made sections or cut your steel to size using out online tool. Bespoke services are also on offer for more unusual requests and jobs. Mild steel can be used on its own in a number of projects, as well as alongside other materials such as reinforced cement concrete. Our selection of mild steel has been created with your most important jobs and projects in mind. We offer an impressive selection suitable for many industries.


Our Most Popular Profiles & Plate

• Tubes • Mild steel sheet\plate • Hexagonal bars • Equal and unequal angles • Rounds • Square hollow sections • Half rounds • I sections • T sections • Plus many other popular and widely used profiles

Our Processing Services

• Shotblasting and painting • Laser, plasma and waterjet cutting • Folding • Drilling • Punching • Saw cutting • Tube laser • Priming


ParkerSteel also offers a range of comprehensive processing services to protect against corrosion and improve the quality of your mild steel.

Why Mild Steel?



As it’s easier to produce and takes less time to process, mild steel is one of the cheapest steel options available to businesses.


Weldability and Machinability

Mild steel can be worked on and coalesced with relative ease without distorting the material. This can be quite beneficial depending on what you need the material for and is one of the main reasons businesses choose mild steel over other metals.



One of the downsides of mild steel is that it has a low tensile strength. Fortunately, this can be improved using a method called carburising, which improves the strength and longevity of the steel whilst still keeping costs down.