Punch and Shear

Discover a comprehensive punch and shear service at ParkerSteel

ParkerSteel’s punch and shear processing service offers clients a fast, high quality finish with a number of benefits. It’s one of our many in-house services that are specifically designed with a wide range of sectors in mind. Our state of the art machine can process a range of thicknesses and lengths, making the service suitable for a wide range of projects.


Quality you can see

Our team have many years experience and knowledge of working with steel, so we know a thing or two about processing it. With a variety of industry leading machines, we offer some of the best processing services in the UK. All of our machines are fully UKCA certified, so you can be certain that they conform to European standards. Better still, because we invest in the latest tech, our clients always get the best possible finish on all of their steel profiles.

Our Machine

Our punch and shear line is an efficient way to get the steel you want. The advanced CNC controls ensure a smooth and precise finish and full CAD/CAM integration offers total design flexibility. So whether you need standard steel profiles or something more unique, our machines can get the job done.


What metals are suitable for our punching and shearing service?

• Black steel linear flats • Black Steel angles • Mild sheet and plate We stock a range of round, square and slot punches for steel. However, unique and irregular punches are available on request – simply speak to a member of our team.


Technical Specifications

We understand that no two jobs are the same, which is why ParkerSteel’s punching and shearing service covers a wide range of sizes and lengths.

Punching (Flat bar)

Thickness Range: 6mm - 25mm Length (Output): 6000mm Width: 500mm No. of punches (Vertical): 8 No. of punches (Horizontal): 2 Round Diameter Punch: 6mm - 40mm Square Size Punch: 12mm - 26mm Slot Punch: 10x30mm - 24x30mm

Punching (Angles)

Length (Output): 50mm - 6000mm Width: 50mm - 500mm Round Diameter Punch: 6mm - 40mm Square Size Punch: 12mm - 26mm Slot Punch: 10x30mm - 24x30mm

Shearing (Flat bar)

Thickness Range: mm - 25mm Max. Length Output (Processed): 6000mm Max. Width Output (Processed): 50mm Dimensions for mitre at ±45°: 50x6mm - 500x25mm Tolerance: ±1mm

Shearing (Angles)

Material thickness / Wall: 5mm - 16mm Height: 50mm - 200mm Width: 50mm - 200mm Max. Length Output (Processed Piece): 6000mm Tolerance: ±1mm


Why Choose ParkerSteel Punching and Shearing?

Our processing services are some of the best in the industry and that’s all thanks to our investment in machinery. When you choose ParkerSteel for your punch and sheer processing, you’ll experience a higher quality of service all round.



Our FICEP F504 machine can punch and shear in one smooth process, cutting costs and improving lead times.


High Volume

Our punch and sheer machine is highly suited to simple, high volume profiles -perfect for those big projects.


CNC Cutting

This ensures ultimate precision without loss of speed for fast, reliable steel profiles in little to no time.

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