ParkerSteel-An Optimal Solution for Sheet Metal and Concrete Industry


At ParkerSteel you can find a wide variety of metal products that cater to different industries. Our range of sheet metal has gained us quite a reputation in the business and has been one of our bestselling products. Owing to the demands of different industries, we manufacture sheet metals in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and even Aluminium. You can choose from a plethora of sizes and dimensions depending on your requirements and purpose of use.

Why Buy Sheet Metal From ParkerSteel?

Established in 1904 as a tool shop in Canterbury, ParkerSteel has come a long way to become United Kingdom’s leading supplier of metal products. We have 5 Industrial Sites and 500,000 square feet of warehousing area that makes us more than capable of catering to the rising demands of the market. Our state of the art machinery coupled with excellent inventory management, means we can deliver orders within 24 hours. We are CE-approved suppliers, and all our products comply with its safety and environment protection regulations. Our ability to consistently meet customer demands and regulatory requirements has also helped us procure the ISO 9001:2015 certifications. Additionally, our industry-leading shot blasting and priming technology ensure that all our products are well finished with superior design attributes along with being resistant to corrosion.

How Our Sheet Metal Makes a Difference?

The unbeatable customer service and optimum quality product make ParkerSteel stand apart from our competitors. With our extensive range of metal sheets, we can meet the unique need of every customer. Each of our products boasts great durability and persistent support and strength. We offer:

Optimum Quality Product

We provide the best quality products and services to extend the list of our happy customers. Our sheet metals are corrosion resistant and tolerant to heat, humidity, water and salt for the enhanced structural integrity of your buildings.

Affordable Price

At ParkerSteel, we offer excellent quality sheet metals at the most competitive price in the market. Each of our products boasts impressive durability and strength.

Easy Customization

If you require any specific sizes or dimensions for your sheet metal, we can cut it to size to suit your specific needs.

GPS Tracking

With GPS live tracking installed in our vehicles, we make it easier for our customer to track their order on the day of delivery.


Next Working Day Delivery


Declaration of Performance


Quality Assured


Live Vehicle Tracking

Our Streamlined Online Ordering Process

The convenience of our customers remains to be the top priority to ParkerSteel. We have introduced our Online Shopping portal which eliminates the limitation of office hours. Our portal has been designed after extensive research and consists of interactive tools that make the ordering process extremely efficient and accurate. Using our ‘Product Matrix’ tool, the users can order their products in multiple ways using either the actual dimensions or the weight of the required product. The matrix can automatically show you the corresponding details to match your desired goods. Users can expect their goods on the next working day if the orders are confirmed before 6 PM. Additionally, users will also be able to track the location of their products in real time since all our delivery vehicles have been enabled with GPS technology.


Popular Sheet Metal Products

Parallel Flange Channels

Tapered Flange Channels

Universal Columns


Other Products at ParkerSteel

Apart from our Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium metal sheets, the customers can choose from a plethora of products on our online store. Though our Steel products remain to be the sales drivers for our company, the aluminium products are in demand with procurers from a wide variety of industries. Since we cater to a broad customer base whose needs vary drastically from each other, all our products are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes irrespective of the base materials. Our clientele represents different industries ranging from agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, construction and more.