Sheet Metal Folding & Precision Bending

We can accurately fold all types of sheet and plate including:

Accurately fold sheet and plate with ParkerSteel

From aluminium to Durbar plate, our precision bending service offers accurate metal folding for every job. Using our heavy duty break press machines we offer speed and reliability as standard, with impressive lead times too. Sheet metal folding and precision bending is just one of the many professional metal processing services we offer at Parker Steel. Talk to our team today to find out more about how we can customise your metal.

A Name you can Trust

With over 150 years in the industry, not only has Parker Steel become one of the UK’s leading steel stockholders, we’ve also invested in some of the best metal processing services in the country. Our sheet metal folding and precision bending service is highly equipped to deal with projects of any size and calibre. From fine aluminium sheet to thick steel plate, our machines have what it takes to fold metal quickly and accurately

High Power Machines

We’re proud to offer a state of the art solution to metal bending. Our precision bending and folding machine has two 320 break presses which have various bending capabilities. Using our industry leading machines, we’re able to customise metal to your exact needs, no matter what the job. With folding for metal up to 8 meters long, Parker Steel machines offer some of the best precision bending in the country.

Mild Steel and Aluminium

Fold up to 15mm thickness, with a maximum fold length of 8 metres and maximum fold angle of 45°.

Stainless Steel

Fold up to 10mm thickness, with a maximum fold length of 8 meters and maximum fold angle of 45°.

Durbar Sheet and Plate

Fold up to 12.5mm thickness, with a maximum fold length of 3 metres and a maximum fold angle of 45°.

Why use Parker Processing Services?

Our sheet metal folding and precision bending service offers a range of benefits, whatever the job. We only invest in the newest and best processing technology, so you can have peace of mind that your metal folding will be of the highest quality.



Our business is based around high quality products and service.



We can quickly and accurately create repeat folds without any delay.



Our machines have some of the largest capacities in the UK.



ParkerSteel is a fully CE certified Steel stocholder and Processor.

Looking for a reliable sheet metal folding service? Get in touch with Parker Steel and see how we can help you.