State of the Art Shotblasting and Painting

Let high quality Shotblasting and painting transform your steel

Our fully automated Shotblasting and painting machine is just one of our state of the art tools that has revolutionised the way we process your steel. We can shotblast, prime and paint materials in record time and now offer one of the shortest lead times in the industry. Our Shotblasting service is quick, clean and easy, leaving you with nothing but a premium quality finish. Trust Parker Steel with your Shotblasting and painting needs.

Powerful Machines

Before your steel is good enough to use, it needs to be cleaned up and smoothed out with a shotblasting and painting service. Using six, high powered turbines, our shotblasting machines will emit a powerful force that can clean away unwanted rust, grit and impurities from the surface of your metal. Rust scale, dry oxide and moisture are all eliminated thanks to the pre-heating of the steel to 45°C beforehand.

Up to scratch

All material is shotblasted to a required standard with an S330 graded shot and to a SA 2½ grade surface finish, ensuring an impurity free finish. Once we’re satisfied with the result, the metal is primed using our 4 automated spray guns and quickly dried for that final smooth touch. Thanks to our investment in the newest and best steel technology, we’re quickly able to process even large sections of material in one go.

Maximum dimensions accepted

• Lengths of 18,000mm • Widths of 1,500mm • Height of 500mm • Weight of 2,500 Kg/m





Perfect Priming

Our quick drying, water based paint primer is available in standard red or grey and is perfectly safe to use with welding. It’s chromate free and offers temporary corrosion protection for steel, thanks to the anti-corrosion pigments.


Why choose us?

Our Shotblasting and painting service offers a number of benefits for anyone working with metals in the construction industry. With our combination of hi-tech machinery and knowledgeable metal experts, Parker Steel can provide you with a specialist service at a competitive price.


Fast Leadtimes

Our machines can fully shotblast, paint and dry a 15 metre piece of material is less than 20 minutes. This means our customers experience super-fast lead times.


Accurately done

Our Shotblasting and Painting service results in a completely smooth finish, ensuring the metal is perfectly prepped for further work.


Long Lasting

Shotblasting improves the application of our paint primer, dramatically enhancing the strength and therefore the life, of your materials.


Faults Found

Thanks to the deep clean a shotblasting and painting service offers, potentially dangerous faults such as surface cracks and chips can be easily spotted in the material.

With so many fantastic features and benefits, our shotblasting and painting service is guaranteed to give you a top notch result.


For a reliable shotblasting and painting service for your metals, get in touch with ParkerSteel today.