Steel Channels

Create safe and secure structures with our quality steel channels.

Using a high quality steel channel can make all the difference to your next project. With better benefits and an enhanced beam lifespan, our steel channels are an essential component in any build requiring effective structural support. We supply steel channel for a range of industries, so no matter what the job, we’ve got you covered.

Our Commitment to Steel

We work to provide our customers with the highest quality steel. Working with the best steelworkers in the industry, our 500 employee strong family run business is now the largest steel stockholder and processor in the UK. With over 30 state of the art processing machines, we can expertly cut, shape and coat your steel channels to suit the individual needs of your project.

Quality Steel for Quality Projects

At Parker, we understand the importance of getting a build right, which is why we only stock the highest quality steel in the UK. When it comes to building projects, safety and stability are a top priority and because our steel channels are an essential load bearing profile, we only select safe and sustainable steel.


Our steel channels can be used in a number of buildings including: • Factories • Warehouses • Industrial buildings • Supermarkets • Garages


C sections are typically used as support for floors and walls alongside other beams but can also be used in roofing and framing. Due to its many properties, steel channel is one of the most widely used profiles in general construction projects.

Benefits of ParkerSteel Channels

Because we only stock and process premium quality steel, our customers can reap some impressive benefits.



One of the biggest benefits of mild steel channel is that they are incredibly strong.



Choose our C-sections and enjoy years and years of heavy use without needing to repair or replace.



Our mild steel sections are highly suitable for welding.


Easy Connection

Quickly fit and connect channels for a hassle free build.