General Purpose and Stainless Steel Rods

Multipurpose steel rods for everyday jobs and structural projects

  Steel rods are one of many adaptable steel profiles we sell at ParkerSteel. Rods are essential as structural support in a number of buildings, towers and bridges, as well as being the main focus in many every day, commercial products. That’s why we provide our customers with a varied choice of steel rod types. Whatever the job, our metal has you covered.

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Choosing your Steel Rod

  Our steel rod varieties are premium quality and can be used for everything from creating ladders to reinforcing concrete. We stock a range of bright, aluminium and stainless steel rods in a variety of standards, as well as standard metric rounds and half rounds.

Our selection of steel rod products:

  • General Steel Rounds • Half Round Feathered Edge • Half Round Square Edge • Stainless Steel Metric Rounds • Stainless Steel Imperial Rounds

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  • Aluminium Metric Rounds • Aluminium Imperial Rounds • Bright Imperial Rounds • Black Rolled Metric Bar  

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We also supply a variety of other steel sections, tubing and plate suitable for a range of structural buildings and commercial products.


Premium Quality Products from a Quality Company

  Our highly skilled team of experts have decades of industry experience between them and know the ins and outs of every steel rod product. Parker Steel is a fully CE certified company and holds a wide variety of British Standards thanks to our commitment to high quality steel and a high quality service.

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Impressive Steel Benefits

The benefits of steel rounds can vary depending on your needs and there isn’t always a ‘one rod fits all’ solution for each job. Nevertheless, at Parker Steel we guarantee that all our rods offer durability, longevity and dependability.



Steel rod is long lasting and doesn’t need to be replaced very often.



Rods can be formed and processed to suit your specific needs.



Stainless steel rods are incredibly hardy, which is why they’re often used as support in larger structures.


Non corrosive

Stainless steel rods are highly resistant to corrosion.