Steel Sections


High quality steel sections

Our steel sections are suitable for use in a range of sectors and have been used to build tools, vehicles, walkways, bridges, buildings and more. We’ll provide you with hollow, structural, light and re-rolled steel sections, as well as a variety of steel processing services. At ParkerSteel, we want to ensure you get the right steel for the job, every time.


Putting Quality and Safety First

We hold a number of British Standards for our steel sections, giving our customers peace of mind that our steel is sustainably sourced and of the highest quality.Our accreditations reflect the knowledge and skills of all our experts. With so many steel sections readily available on-site, we’ll always strive to find the safest and most reliable match for your project.

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Huge range available at your fingertips

At ParkerSteel, we have steel sections for every job, regardless of the size. From steel for railway fittings to steel for machinery, our sections are high quality, durable and strong.

Huge range of sections

• Circular Hollow Section • Rectangular Hollow Section • Square Hollow Section • ERW Hollow Section • Parallel Flange • Tapered Flange • Universal Beams • Universal Columns

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Light and Re-rolled Sections

• Equal and Unequal Angles • Flats • Half Round Feather Edge • Half Round Square Edge • Rebar • Rounds • Squares • Tees

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Our steel sections meet a range of modern British Standards. These include, but are not limited to, BS EN 10034:1993 & BS4: Part 1:1993 for tolerances on shape and mass. BS EN 10025:S275JR:2004 and BS EN 10025:S355JR:2004, for technical delivery specifications. We also hold various EU Standards for section specifications and tolerances including DIN 1025 Parts 1-5. Our aim is to provide businesses in the UK and abroad with the safest, purest and highest quality steel sections on the market.

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Why ParkerSteel sections

When you choose ParkerSteel sections, you’re not just getting any old steel. You’re getting a thoroughly tested, premium product that meets all the safety regulations required by law. Here are just a few benefits of our steel sections.


High Quality

Our steel sections are made to a high standard, ensuring they need replacing far less often.



Even in areas with corrosive sea air, our steel sections are up to the job with minimal rusting.


Cost Effective

Steel is already a popular building material because of its low manufacturing costs. With ParkerSteel’s low trade prices, the cost is further reduced.



Steel sections can be quickly and easily processed to suit your individual requirements, no matter how unique.

For better quality steel sections, talk to ParkerSteel.