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Structural Steel


The Complete Structural Steel Solution

High quality structural steel for your construction needs. ParkerSteel supply and process a variety of structural steel types for use in the construction of buildings, towers, bridges, multi-story car parks and more. With over 40,000 tonnes of steel available to purchase from our warehouse, there’s plenty of structural steel to choose from and we can deliver to you, direct from our site.


Meeting all standards

All of our structural steel meets European standard EN 10025 and is CE marked, so you can be certain that the steel you use is the best in the industry. We offer all the types of structural steel you’d expect, from universal beams and columns to angles and flat plate.

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Our structural steel products include:

• Rolled steel joists and channels • Universal beams and columns • Hollow section steel • Hot formed box section • Heavy angle steel

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More than just Structural Steel

Alongside selling structural steel, we can also process it using our state of the art machines. Save yourself time and money by requesting a complete structural solution in-house. At ParkerSteel, we offer your business a comprehensive service with short lead times where material is cut to length, mitred, drilled, counter sunk and even part marked from our on-site processing centre.

Additional Processing

• Shot blasting priming • Laser cutting • Water jet cutting • Plasma cutting • Punch and shear If you need an all-inclusive service, ParkerSteel can deliver.

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A Name You Can Trust

With over 50% of the structural steel drilling capacity in the UK, we like to think we know a thing or two about steel. Our team of experts will work with you to pin point exactly the right type of materials you need to complete your next project, no matter how complex or unique. ParkerSteel offers a wide variety of structural steel grades, as well as many steel processing facilities. If you need an all-in-one steel solution, we’ve got you covered.


Long Lasting

Structural steel is a hardy, long lasting solution that can stand the test of time. Due to its unique composition, it’s well suited to heavy, long-term use



Buildings don’t always serve the same purpose throughout their lives and steel can make any transitions easier, as new services can be more easily integrated into the framework than when using concrete.



Although structural steel does have far less ductility compared to other steel types, it can still be worked with to create a variety of useful and interesting shapes. Despite this, it does not distort, buckle, warp or splinter once in place.