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Precision Steel Processing with Waterjet Cutting


Our waterjet cutting machine is capable of cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium up to 200mm thick. Two dynamic waterjet cutting heads, produce more accurate parts at significantly higher cutting speeds than parts cut with a conventional waterjet, offering greater design flexibility. The outstanding quality and precision of the cut means in general, parts can be used without the need for post processing.

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Precision Cutting

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Benefits of Waterjet Cutting


• The ultimate process for cutting sheet and plate • Full CAD/CAM integration with design flexibility • We accept most file formats including: DXF, DWG, DSTV (NC files) & many more • Save your drawings as a part number for quick re-ordering of your parts • Highly efficient cutting head producing up to 4,150 bar (60,000 PSI) of pressurised water


• Revolutionary technology allowing fast cutting of high precision components • Dynamic waterjet, produces more accurate parts at significantly higher cutting speeds • No heat distortion or heat affected zones • Dual heads for fast, efficient cutting of parts • Clean, burr free finish. Parts can generally be used without the need for post-processing