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Case Study: Cahill

The Project

The project consists of multiple steel frame buildings with two steel framed feature buildings.


Complex Build

All in all the steel package weight was circa 220 tonnes. The complex roof members for one of the buildings were fabricated to a restricted tolerance level enabling the roof to lock together and self-support once the temporary structure is removed.

Happy Customers

The client is very pleased with the overall outcome of the steelwork frames which despite the complexities and restrictive programme, were supplied to site on time and with no snagging issues.


ParkerSteel Delivered

ParkerSteel supplied all the steelwork (except the specialist items) for the project fully processed and shotblasted.

Service and Satisfaction

The benefit of using ParkerSteel is their processing abilities, Cahill have been able to increase fabrication capacity without having to further invest in additional machinery which would in turn of increased overhead costs allowing us to remain competitive with the current market

Final Say

"We consider ParkerSteel to be a valued supplier and going forward hope to work on many more testing projects." Cahill Structural Steelwork Engineers

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