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Case Study: New Span Building Solutions

The project

A 140,000 square foot garden centre in Nottingham with over 200 tonnes of steelwork, shotblasted and primed, fittings included. The project was split into 3 phases.

Service And Satisfaction

With the vast amount of steelwork required on this project we needed a supplier with the capabilities to meet our quality standards and tight timescales. This is why we turned to ParkerSteel.

Delivered Around Us

With over 200 tonnes of steelwork required, ParkerSteel were able to split this into 3 phases which we had delivered over a period of 6 weeks. Ultimately, we are very happy with the performance of ParkerSteel on this project.

Final Say

We have been working with ParkerSteel for a number of years on a number of jobs. We look forward to continuing our close working relationship in the future.

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