ParkerSteel uses the latest plasma technology to deliver a cost effective solution for cutting steel fittings. Plasma offers a far more efficient way of cutting fittings, especially when compared to traditional methods of producing steelwork fittings are often time-consuming and labour intensive.
Our new plasma machines are equipped with Hypertherm's patented SureCut™ and TrueHole® technology. This allows us to produce a consistently high standard of fittings that can be utilized throughout the construction industry.

Click a shape below to have your fittings cut and delivered direct to site within 2-3 days.

Benefits of buying fittings from ParkerSteel include

  • Speed and Accuracy
  • Fast Lead Times
  • Largest capacity in the UK
  • Transparent Pricing
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We undertake a range of profiling jobs for clients in construction using our industry standard steel and machinery. Our plasma, laser and oxyfuel profiling is just a small part of what we can do for your business and compliments our other stand-out services.

Our laser cutting services can create profiled plate on steel up to 20mm thick with a tolerance of only 0.4mm – offering an incredibly accurate cut.

Hi-Definition plasma and oxyfuel cutting is also available, with a cutting range of 8mm – 80mm on mild steel and a +/- 2mm tolerance.

Examples of the type of steel profiles we offer include:
  • Angled Sections (L Shaped)
  • Parallel Flange Channels (U Shaped)
  • Tapered Flange Beams (I Shaped)
  • Circular/Rectangle/Square Hollow Sections
  • Flat Sections
  • Round and Rectangular Bars
  • Custom Profiles
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