Carbon Steel

Discover a range of high quality carbon steel online at Parker Steel.

At Parker, we supply a wide range of carbon steels specifically designed with engineering jobs in mind. Our high quality carbon steel is the perfect balance between strength and ductility, which is why it’s so popular in manufacturing and construction. If you’re looking for a higher quality and more robust solution, Parker Steel’s carbon steel is the right choice for you.

Take a look at our wide selection of carbon steel – the perfect choice

Why choose ParkerSteel

Why should you choose ParkerSteel for your carbon steel? Our team have many years experience and knowledge in the steel industry. We’re one of the UK’s largest steel stockholders, as well as one of the country’s leading steel processors. With over 30 machines across our sites, we can cater for both simple and complex jobs. More importantly, we’re fully CE approved and hold a number of important British Standards for all our metals. This means when you buy carbon steel form us, you can be certain that it’s safe and of a high quality.

What we Offer

You’ll find a wide range of carbon steels at Parker Steel including flats, rounds and squares, which are highly suited to many basic and complex applications. Over the years, our premium carbon steel has been used in a variety of projects by businesses and metalworkers across the UK and world.

Common applications

• Buildings • Consumer products • Vehicle parts • Construction tools • Components • Engines

In house processing

Alongside our selection of carbon steel, we also offer a variety of processing services to help create unique profiles to fit the needs of your job. These include laser cutting, plasma cutting, drilling, shotblasting and more. Whether you’re looking for something basic or a more complex shape, ParkerSteel’s state of the art machines have you covered. Our diverse range of carbon steel can do just about anything. So if you have a particular project in mind, talk to a member of our team to find the right steel for the job.

Benefits of carbon steel

Thanks to the high standard of steel we stock, our carbon steel holds a number of impressive benefits that are designed to make your work safer, easier and of a higher quality.


Corrosion resistant

Thanks to its unique properties and balance of materials, carbons steel is highly resistant to corrosion, making it a popular and widely used metal.



Its high tensile strength is a true advantage when using carbon steel for both engineering and general fabrications.


Shock resistant

This benefit makes carbon steel useful in a number of industries and especially for projects in busy or built up areas. It can also be advantageous where carbon steel is used in heavy duty machinery.


long-term investment

Whilst carbon steel can sometimes have a higher upfront cost than other metals, its impressive durability ensures it stands the test of time, reducing costs in the long term.